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About Grandview Series Wood Stoves

A Warm Welcome from our Wood-burning Stove Collection. Every IronStrike stove in the wood-burning collection is made in the USA and designed to last a lifetime.

As elegant as it is efficient, the Grandview Series of wood-burning stoves has raised the standard for home heating with its proven, Thermal Fin Technology. This innovative cast-iron heat exchanger puts more heat in the room - and less up the chimney - delivering the perfect amount of heat to create a cozy atmosphere.

The Grandview Series of wood-burning stoves EPA-certified.

Expansive, durable ceramic glass gives you unobstructed views of the fire and allows for easy heat transfer. A wide array of high-quality, versatile styling options means that the Grandview will easily complement any décor.

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wood-burning stoves that have raised the standard for home heating