Landmann Professional

Landmann Professional gas grills are constructed using stainless steel and feature PTS+, an innovative patent pending firebox design.

About Ardor Cooking System

Landmann Professional gas grills are constructed using all 304 stainless steel on the grills, carts, and accessories. Featuring Precision Temperature System (PTS+), Landmann's innovative patent pending firebox design, that provides both easy cleaning and industry-leading even heat.

16 gauge top ported stainless steel burners provide excellent even heat cooking and great high to low temperature control.

An extra-large control panel bullnose helps keep the front of the grill clean, and Landmann's Push & Turn Instant Flame ignition system makes starting these grills a breeze.

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Ardor Cooking System Products

  • Grills
  • Built-In Grills
  • Gas Grills
  • Propane Grills
  • Sideburners
  • Cart Mounted Grills

This system is smart in design, easy to maintain, and a joy to use.

Easy Clean

​Easy cleaning starts with seamless cooking grates and a center support bar that is attached vertically and lowered below the cooking surface which prevents grease build up when cleaning. An easy-to-clean cooking chamber has no flat ledges or shelves. This is engineered so grease ends up in the full size grease tray where it belongs.


  • PTS+
    The perfect balance between even heat distribution and easy cleaning with their patent pending cooking system.
  • Extreme Angle Cooking Tents
    Forces drippings into the grease tray and virtually eliminates sustained flare-ups.
  • Easy Clean Cooking Chamber
    A patent-pending design that has no shelves or ledges to catch and hold grease.