Flare Fireplaces

Very popular for both commercial and residential spaces, linear fireplaces are designed to be spread across the length of the wall and have a rectangular opening for the flame.

About Linear Fireplaces

Flare linear gas fireplaces are designed to appear longer over the wall, projecting rectangular opening. The name “linear fireplace,” is used for the fireplace, because it can be specified by linear foot.

Modern features like way to connect the system to a home automation process in order to control it as part of the house, and not only with a dedicated remote.

The Myfire app makes it possible for users to control multiple fireplaces at the house or business with a hand-held Apple or Android device with colorful, intuitive graphics.

Conventional wall switches, timers and remotes are also available.

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  • Home Automation
  • Summer Kit
  • Media Options
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Commercial Applications
  • LED Lighting

Modern frameless linear fireplaces with a huge number of options.


  • Linear Frameless Design
    Frameless Fireplaces present a very smooth, sharp contemporary look. The linear gas fireplace is designed to show longer over the wall projecting rectangular opening.
  • Summer Kits
    Summer Kit reduces overall heat output so you can enjoy your modern gas fireplace all year long. Show off your stunning linear fireplace even in the summer. The optional Summer Kit extracts heat from the chase, directing it outside, rather than into your home.
  • Home Automation
    Flare's linear fireplaces present a way to connect the fireplace to a home automation system in order to control it as part of the house.